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Mink Care

General Information: Minks are in the same family as otters, polecats, and weasels - Mustelidae. They're semiaquatic animals that make quite uncommon pets. Unfortunately, American minks are widely used for their fur - like polecats - even throughout Great Britain. Sadly, due to a mass release of American minks into the wild by animal rights activists, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 in the UK, any live mink caught in a trap must be killed.  To keep an American mink in the UK, you must  have a license as they're considered a destructive imported animal, however , there are exceptions to this rule. If you have any uncertainty, please speak to your local council for further clarification. Even though Minks have incredibly challenging and hard to meet needs, they can make very lovely pets depending on how they're raised, and form strong bonds with their owners .  On average, Minks will live for around 7 years and are obligate terrestrial carnivor