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Shmi & Rey

Hi readers! I just wanted to do a quick update about our new arrivals - Shmi and Rey. Shmi and Rey are two 12 week old rats who we took in. Hopefully in the future we can introduce them to Leia when our beloved Padme passes. We do hope that it won't be any time soon but as she is getting older, we wanted to make sure we definitely had the perfect rats for Leia so she always has company. Padme isn't showing any major signs of slowing down thankfully, though she is looking a little older. Leia is also still her usual playful self wanting a fuss and attention all the time. Everyone is already in love with Shmi's & Rey's personalities so we just know Leia will too.

R.I.P Molly and Loki

Hello guys, We hope everyone's February is off to a fab start - time is flying! Sadly, we have yet more bad news as today we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Molly and Loki PTS. Both due to tumours, also. Molly had developed a tumour on her cheek and it had began to effect her movement within 48 hours.When we got to our appoinment her back legs would twitch a little and she was beginning to shake ever so slightly. It's awful how fast these things take over! We were aware Molly would only get worse and as she was so active we thought it would be unfair to let it go any further. She had already lived such a full and happy life we decided to let her end on that note also. Loki had developed a tumour on his scent gland and we booked him in with a double appointment so they could both be seen quickly. Loki was uncomfortable as soon as it began to show up and due to him being so irritated in the evening he began to make it worse for himself. Loki was an elder