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Gilbert and Bancroft

Gilbert and Bancroft are two very friendly middle-aged bucks who arrived into our care on the 29th of October 2019. After an examination period, we're pleased to say that Gilbert and Bancroft were given a clean bill of health! Bancroft and Gilbert are now available for adoption. Please visit our website for more information.  They're very friendly bucks who really deserve a happy ending!

Fester and Franklin

Fester and Franklin were surrendered to us as their owner was unable to provide Franklin - who was struggling with severe respiratory issues - with the medical care he needed. They had personalities like chalk and cheese; Fester was somewhat spunky and a little fiesty, whereas Franklin was laid back and wanted a peaceful life. Warning: contains images and video footage of medical themes. Franklin: It was clear upon Franklin's arrival that he was dyspneic, suffering from frequent episodes of respiratory distress, lethargy, pain, and had audible respiration upon auscultation of both lungs. We believed he was suffering from bacterial pneumonia. He was introduced to oral  Baytril/Enrofloxacin, oral Ronaxan/Doxycycline, oral Terbutaline Sulfate, and nebulized F10. When in respiratory distress, Franklin had oxygen therapy. Despite some improvements, Franklin declined further. He developed oral discharge and was 'air-hungry'. He was introduced to nebulized Ge

Meet Thor and Floki

One of our trustees had an old friend desperately trying to rehome their two pet rats. We decided to offer our assistance, to which Thor and Floki's owner accepted. We collected the rats that same day. They were two middle-aged entire bucks. From the start, there was a noticeable difference between the two boy's personalities; Floki appeared young and full of life, whereas Thor seemed uncomfortable and reserved . The issue with Thor was soon detected. Thor's incisors on his maxillary dental arcade were extremely overgrown (so much so that food had become impacted), whilst the incisors on his mandible dental arcade were misshapen, overworn, and very brittle. He was also underweight, and his urinalysis reading was abnormal. It was likely Thor was unable to eat without a considerable amount of pain, leading selective eating and malnourishment.  Thor's case warranted an urgent vet visit.  The vet admitted Thor the same day for an oral examination under gas

Draco and Damian - Kidney Failure and Cancer

We took on Draco and Damian as a favour for an old friend. They were elderly males who meant a lot to them, so we were really pleased we could help them. They were extremely friendly and loving degus, so they were an absolute joy to keep. Draco: Draco had chronic struggles with corneal ulceration from his arrival. We've actually written blog posts regarding Draco's health previously ( click here to read the previous post about Draco). Ultimately, Draco ended up having eye enucleation surgery once his condition was no longer manageable. Draco adapted brilliantly to life with one eye. In fact, it was highly likely he had little eyesight in the enucleated eye anyway. He seemed to be much happier once he was no longer dealing with chronic pain. Rhinorrhea: Rhinorrhea is informally referred to as a 'runny nose'. It describes a build-up of mucus in the nasal cavity. It's commonly triggered by allergies and infections. Whilst you can develop allergies

Eve, Robin, and Ivy

We reached out to Robin, Ivy, and Eve's owner when we noticed they were advertising their rats that were in poor condition; all rats appeared underweight, and Robin had a very large mammary tumour on her thoracic chain. Fortunately, we were given permission to take on their three rats on the 14th of December 2019. Once we got the girls home, it was clear they were emaciated and bloated due to malnutrition; weighing around 135g. As we were approaching Christmas, we weren't able to have Robin's tumour operated on until the new year. This was potentially a good thing, as she could've metabolised drugs differently due to emaciation. Despite being skinny, the three girls were beyond friendly and appeared bright within themselves. Robin: As highlighted, Robin was unable to have her tumour removed until the new year. The tumour was very large and in a more problematic location due to local veins, arteries, and structures. Nonetheless, the vet still beli