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Bert - Full Write Up

Hello again, readers, Not too often do we have to introduce and say farewell to a resident all within one post. Unfortunately, Bert's time with us was short, but we loved him all the same. Despite only being with us for less than 2 weeks, we have a fair amount to tell you about him and his courageous battle. Warning: This post will contain content which some readers may find distressing. Bert's Arrival:  First of all, Bert came into our care after recently losing his cage mate to an unknown cause. He'd understandably become quite depressed, so his owner was seeking a new retirement home with someone experienced in bonding elder bucks. We decided to reach out to them and offer him a home to live with our current bucks; Alfie, Arthur, and Rowan. Upon arrival, it became very clear to us that Bert was living with an undiagnosed pituitary tumour and osteoarthritis. We decided to hold off for an hour or two and monitor his behaviour before administering any strong drugs t

Duncan's Penile Prolapse

Today's post is pretty self-explanatory; Duncan and all of our resident degus are some of our eldest residents. Sadly, with old age, things do start to go wrong - health-wise.  Duncan had a little bit of a embarrassing problem, to say the least.  This post contains content some readers may find distressing. All of a sudden whilst going about our daily business, one of our degus started to make a distressing  alarm-call.  For those of you who don't have degus, it is hard to explain their difficult vocabulary. They have a range of calls which vary in complexity and meaning. In simple terms, it's conversation in degu-language. It takes a lot of experience to learn to recognize the different calls and figure out what it is that your degu is saying to both you, and their cage mates. To familiarize yourself, we recommend visiting ' Degutopia '. We will post a link at the end of the post to the relevant part of their website.   W hen we figured out it was Duncan m