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Crumpet, Gizmo, Norman, and Trev

We wanted to write a lengthy post regarding 4 rat bucks we agreed to provide sanctuary for on the 7th November 2018 - Crumbs (Crumpet), Gizmo, Norman, and Trev. Their previous owner contacted us as they were no longer able to accommodate their pet rats. Unfortunately, the rats had pre-existing health complications which needed to be dealt with upon arrival. We will separate the post into labeled sections based on the individual rat. Norman: Norman is a beautiful buck rat. He was approximately a year old when he arrived. Norman sounded slightly congested. So, he and his mischief went to the vet. His lungs sounded quite clear when auscultated and his respiratory effort was normal. His stuffy respiration was likely attributable to his upper airways, rather than his lower airways. Despite some of Norman's symptoms, we didn't believe an infection was present, thus no reason to warrant prescription of antimicrobial agents. We suspected he'd show improvements once he'd bee