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Wallace's Gastric Ulcer

Hello again, readers, Today we wanted to discuss Wallace's gastric ulcer which occurred some time back. It was a stressful occurrence which we wouldn't wish on anyone, however, it taught all involved a lot about rabbit healthcare. Please note that we will be discussing Wallace's medical history. The information given within this post should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from your own qualified medical professional if your pet is ill. Initial signs of illness: It all came to light when Wallace suddenly came down with a case of ileus: largely speaking, ileus refers to a lack of movement somewhere in the intestines. It can also be referred to as gastrointestinal stasis/GI stasis. It seems to be common health problem amongst rabbits. As soon as they're sick, they usually stop eating -  it's a domino effect. We'd say in most cases, there is normally a culprit behind ileus. GI stasis is a medical emergency that can be fatal. Harmful bacteri

Leia - Full Write-Up

Hello again, readers, We can only apologise for the amount of inactivity on our blog recently. We try our hardest to stay active on social media, but sometimes it's challenging - we've had a busy few months. We always ensure our animal's care (and our sanity) is prioritized over social media. Our blog is a pretty big time consumer, we try to put so much research, thought, and planning into each post to try and provide our readers with high-quality content. However, we are aiming to get a few posts out soon! This is the post we've found ourselves putting off for a while. I personally couldn't find the words to express my despair for losing Leia - truthfully, I still can't. Partly because she'd been through so much throughout her little life, and partly because it still hurts as much today as it did on the day when she passed away. As you're probably aware, generally, I prefer my write-ups to be more 'informal'. I decided to write this post from