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Remy was surrendered into our care with a range of complex medical issues. He was being treated/managed in his previous home for moderate chronic respiratory disease; including being unable to come off enrofloxacin without his symptoms worsening (increased dyspnea, weight loss, and audible respiration) within a matter of days (he may have been immunocompromised). He apparently had respiratory symptoms were also attributable to congestive heart failure (CHF) as well.  On top of that, Remy had abnormal urinalysis readings suggestive of urinary/renal issues.  He was on a low dose of Frusemide given his renal issues and not wanting to put too much pressure onto his kidneys. Remy's health became unmanageable in his previous home when he also developed maloccluded incisors meaning he would likely need ongoing intermittent incisor burring. Remy continued with his antibiotics, renal supplements, and was also introduced to supportive soft-food feeds. We also booked Remy in to be admitted to