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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our readers, we hope you have a spook-tacular day! From our family.  

Some Happy Endings

Hello again, In my last post I promised to post something a little more cheerful, after breaking so much sad news. I'd like to fill you in on a few more health issues that some of our residents had to deal with, but this time with a lot of happy endings.  So, the first resident I'd like to update you all on is Vince, and his eye troubles. Vince went to the vets late in May after he had been suffering with an irritated eye.  After a quick all over health examination, the vet found nothing that could have been contributing to his eye, meaning that it was just a simple eye infection, not a symptom of something else. Vince was trialed on some maxitrol eye drops and thankfully within days his eye cleared up! After a quite a while, his eye infection returned. The vets did the same procedure and it's likely to be just a reoccurring thing.  Vince always has an emergency set of eye drops as it is always likely to return. His eye infection has come back a further 2 times, but

R.I.P Frodo

Hello again readers, It seems as if we have a lot of upsetting news to break to everyone recently. I promise to get round to posting some happier stories in the near future. Sadly, we recently found Frodo in his forever sleep.  Frodo was a very old hamster, we suspect he passed away due to old age. He looked very peaceful, he was in his favorite house all curled up as if he was sleeping. Frodo came to us after we received a message from a friend. The story we were given was; Previously Frodo had chewed out his cage, and was running loose around his original owners home. Our friend was told if they didn't pick him up within 24 hours "he would be left for the cat", as they were unwilling to buy him a new cage. Many times, these are just empty threats so you feel forced to collect their animals, but you can't always be sure. When our friend collected Frodo, he was very timid and frightened. During the time they had Frodo, th ey had gotten a few nasty bites. A

R.I.P Speedy

Hello Readers, We sadly lost Speedy on the 15th of October 2017.  Speedy had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and we were told to prepare for the inevitable. Speedy's brain tumour had caused her to have glaucoma, which meant she needed pain killers every day from that moment forward. Speedy was great at taking her pain medication, I think that also had something to do with her reward being a piece of cheese - Speedy loved cheese. When we took Speedy in, she arrived with her cage mate, Sam. The pair were fighting and had to be separated on arrival.  Sadly, Sam unexpectedly passed away within the first few weeks of having her back in 2015.  Speedy could have a bit of an unpredictable personality when she first arrived here, until we discovered she was mad about cheese.  Once we discovered her all time favorite food, gaining her trust was easy. After that, Speedy was one of the most loving hamsters in our care. She absolutely adored being handled and came out e

R.I.P Caramel

Hello Readers, Today we wanted to write about losing our oldest resident hamster Caramel, on the 10th of June 2017. Caramel lived a very long and full life, he was well over 3 years old - which is an amazing age for a hamster. Caramel was always very loving and affectionate, he used to win people over with his huge ears and bright eyes. Every day he would show his face, and of course try and get a few treats out of you. Caramel was always gentle and placid when he was out, he was an absolute delight. Caramel was previously kept in a tiny, dirty cage and never had any interaction with his previous family. When we were informed about his situation in 2016, we decided to help him. Caramel was very shy for the first few days of being in our care, however he was surprisingly very tame and showed no signs of aggression. When we upgraded him to a large cage full of toys, he was over the moon.  I genuinely think you could see in his eyes that he was incredibly thankful. One day, we

Padme's Foot Infection

Hello again, We wanted to inform you about Padme's foot infection. It occurred in April, but it is pretty significant. We were about to get the girl rats out for their free roam, but when Andy picked Padme up he felt something unsual. He checked her over and saw her foot was really swollen and really dry. We completely panicked as we had never seen anything quite like it. Padme was struggling to walk, so the first thing we did was prepare an emergency cage for her. Padme is a manx (tailless) rat, so she already struggled with her balancing - so with a sore foot as well, we felt she was at a real risk of falling. We knew the girls wouldn't like not being able to climb however it was necessary in this situation.  Padme went to the vets and we were told she had a foot infection. She was given antibiotics, an injection and some savlon to help with the irritated skin. She was very brave at the vets. Surprisingly, she didn't even flinch when having the injection. When