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Lesser Egyptian Gerbil Care

General Information: Lesser Egyptian gerbils originate from North Africa and the desert regions between the red sea and the Mediterranean, known as the Sinai peninsula. They're social animals and live in groups known as "hordes".  They're referred to as "lesser" Egyptian gerbils to avoid confusion with the Greater Egyptian gerbil.  They have a maximum lifespan of approximately 6 years and exhibits nocturnal behaviour. Like most gerbils, they're an omnivorous species.  Lesser Egyptian gerbils are rarely kept as pets, so well-researched pet care advice is limited.  Care: Housing/Enrichment: As per most gerbils, the Lesser Egyptian gerbil is a burrowing rodent. We strongly advise a 3ft-4ft by 1ft tank as a minimum . Provide plenty of suitable substrates for them to burrow. In the wild, they've been reported to have burrows extending over 4 meters, so you really can't overdo it. As with most gerbils, we often use a combination of safe wo

Eurasian Harvest Mice Care

General Information: Harvest mice can be found arable or grasslands and are a Eurasian species. They're commonly confused with hazel dormouse due to their similar appearance - a common way to distinguish the two is by their tails, hazel dormice have fluffier tails.  Fun fact: Harvest mice are the only mammals in Britain to have a prehensile tail; they're able to grasp or hold objects with their tails. Harvest mice are also considered some of the smallest rodents in Europe. They're a nocturnal omnivorous rodent whose average lifespan is approximately 18 months. Care: Housing/Enrichment: Due to their small size, it's generally advised to keep harvest mice in a tank to prevent them from escaping. We advise keeping them in a 2-3ft by 1ft tank minimum - although they're small, they're very active. Harvest mice love to climb, and they're great at it too. Ensuring they have plenty to climb is prudent. It's advised to avoid plastic toys, but they enj

Duprasi Gerbil Care

General Information: Duprasi gerbils are also known as the fat-tailed gerbil. They're notoriously known for their club-shaped fat tail - where they get their name from. It's believed their tail is similar to a camels hump and is used for fat-storage.  A healthy Duprasi will have a plump tail. They live in desert environments  in the northern Sahara, Egypt, and other Middle-Eastern countries.  They're an omnivorous species that exhibit both crepuscular and diurnal behaviour. They have an average lifespan of 5-7 years. Care: Housing/Enrichment: Similar to Mongolian gerbils, Duprasi gerbils naturally live in burrows. Ideal housing for Duprasi gerbils is a glass tank around 2-3ft by 1ft minimum . A glass tank prevents your Duprasi from being able to chew out of their enclosure, and also allows you to provide plenty of safe substrates for them to burrow. Duprasi's need access to a sand bath to keep their fur clean. Their cage should be enriched with toys to ch

Rowan - Full Write-up

Rowan was taken in due to being the last rat within his mischief, but their owner wasn't taking on any more rats. Instead of forcing him to live a life in solitude and depriving him of one of his basic needs, they decided to rehome him.  Rowan was a stunning 18-month-old Marten RED neutered buck, and had a history of inner-ear infections - they'd been resolved with antibiotics. Bonding to Travis and Trevor: As Rowan was neutered, we were fairly confident he would've been easy to bond to Travis and Trevor - two intact males. We were right! Rowan made two beautiful friends who loved him a lot. Introducing Alfie and Arthur: Alfie and Arthur were more difficult to bond for hormonal reasons but tolerated Rowan well as he was castrated. Eventually, we were able to bond them to the mischief too. 'Inner-ear infection' and TIA: Rowan had developed a mild head-tilt. Given his previous medical history, the vet believed it was plausible Rowan

Herbert and Valorie

Today's post is introducing Herbert and Valorie. Although they came from separate circumstances, we got them both on the same day. You can follow us on social media: Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter You can donate to us via our Paypal , Amazon Wishlist , and Hay Experts Wishlist For more information about us, visit our website For any other enquiries, please email: Herbert: Herbert had been abandoned at a local pet shop. We assume his owners no longer wanted him due to Roborovski's being hard to handle. Herbert originally had a typical robo-attitude - quick but harmless. We estimated him to be around 4-6 months old due to his tiny size (19g). Passing: Unfortunately, Herbert unexpectedly passed away only 3 months after arriving. The nature of his death remained unclear as there were no outward symptoms. We would suspect he had an internal illness that he was genetically predisposed to given his premature death. Herbert pas

Anton, Alex, Alvin, Alan, and Albert

We took on 5 bucks - Anton, Alex, Alvin, Alan, and Albert. Alan was unable to be rehomed due for health reasons, but the other boys have all found their forever homes. For more information about us, visit our website You can follow us on social media: Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter You can donate via our Paypal , Amazon Wishlist , and Hay Experts Wishlist For other enquiries, please email: Anton: Anton was a young 5-8-month-old buck. He had no health issues and was an outgoing boy.  After we were confident Anton was healthy, he went on to find a fantastic forever home with Alvin and his two new brothers, Vince and Jules. Alex: Alex was a young 5-8-month-old buck with a larger than life personality. He has no ongoing health issues. Alex went on to find a marvellous forever home alongside some of our other bucks - Oswald, Oscar, Egbert, and Edward. Alan: Alan was a 5-8-month-old buck with a chronic respiratory disea

Hagrid, Neville, Percy, Myrtle, Helena, and Rowena

Several years ago, we took on 7 gerbils who'd initially been collected by Hamster Haven (rescue) to prevent them from becoming raptor food. Sadly, all of the gerbils have since passed away, but they all had eventful lives that warranted their own blog-post. We fully acknowledge and agree that birds of prey need to hunt and eat, however, they shouldn't be fed pet rodents. We will divide the post into sections based on each gerbil in chronological order of passing. You can follow us on social media: Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram You can donate to us via our Paypal , Amazon Wishlist , and our Hay Experts Wishlist For other enquiries, please email: Neville: Neville was Hagrid's son and Percy's brother. The group of male gerbils were living as a trio and were popular on social media.  Unfortunately, Neville developed dental disease which caused incisor overgrowth and uneven wearing of his molar teeth. We believe it was