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R.I.P Bilbo

Hey readers, You've probably guessed from today's title or if you follow us on any social media platforms you'll know this already, but Bilbo sadly passed away the other day. Bilbo passed peacefully and naturally due to old age. He was nearly 3 years old! That's incredible for a Syrian, especially a rescue. Bilbo was rehomed to us at the age of 2.4 years  which can be extremely stressful for animals at the best of times. We decided to do everything at a slower pace than usual, we let him adjust to the new sounds and smells before upgrading his cage, we slowly built up his play-times, changed his diet at an even slower pace of the course of 6 weeks. We just wanted everything to be easier for him. We honestly had no idea Bilbo would push through to the age that he did, but it makes me so so proud to say that we had a long journey together. We were expecting a brief encounter but Bilbo became one of the most loved and nurtured hamsters.  He was also one of my Mum


Hi guys, So I never actually got the chance to introduce Ru due to me only starting my blog quite late into my rescuing. I have so many animals so to get detailed posts about all these animals out AND take care of them all is tough going. I also have to look after my own health due to me being very disabled from the waist down and I even have some limits above my waist too, but that's a different story. So basically I wanted to talk about Ru as he recently passed away. It was very peaceful, he went to sleep in his little house and never woke up. He died of old age and showed no signs of death even till the night before he died. It's all I can ask for, really. So Ru was from an advert on gumtree selling an elder gerbil with a gerbilarium. The cage was filthy and from the pictures, he looked quite scraggy. May I also add Ru was being sold as a female. I contacted the guy who was probably the most dull and emotionless person I have ever spoke to. I offered to pick Ru up

R.I.P Holly

Hey readers, How's things? As you can tell from the title, I lost my second heart rat, Holly. Yesterday I made the immensley hard decision to put Holly to sleep after she was battling a series of very aggressive chest infections and old age. Holly suffered a lot with infections and we suspect it to be due to bad stock. It was horrible to see her so sickly her whole life. When I rescued Holly and her sister, Polly in January earlier this year, you all know I wasn't supposed to be keeping them as permanent residents, but I am so so glad I did. Holly and Polly opened my eyes to how incredible rats were. Polly was extra cheeky but Holly was reserved and mellow and really kept to herself. When Polly passed, me and Holly stuck together like glue and I fell in love with her all over again. Holly became very very loving and affectionate and really came out her shell. I'm glad I got to spend time with Holly on a one-to-one basis as when Polly was alive she was such

R.I.P Bobbin

Hi guys, It's a really quick and sad post today. Sadly, we lost our beautiful Syrian hamster, Bobbin the other day. She was 2 years old but had a horrifying past which was bound to shorten her life- and sadly it did. Bobbin passed peacefully and naturally in her sleep.  It was actually quite nice to see her looking so happy and at ease. Bobbin was a pro-treat poucher, bright orange, social hamster. She was my first Syrian hamster that I cared for by myself. We had them as a child but they were a family pet. Bobbin had an amazing nature and truly will be missed. She is now at rest and running wild and free over the rainbow bridge. Good night Bobbin, We love you.