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Colin - Full Write Up

We rescued Colin a long time ago. He was an unwanted elderly hybrid dwarf hamster - hybrids are a mix between a Campbell Russian dwarf hamster and a Winter White Russian dwarf hamster, it doesn't necessarily mean the parents of the offspring are different species, but at some point in the hamsters family history, there has been a cross between species.  Given his old age, we decided to step in and offer Colin a sanctuary spot within our care for retirement. Initially, he was mildly aggressive  due to being kept in inadequate housing, this lead to him becoming frustrated and stressed. Once we'd offered him an appropriate setup, his behavior soon changed. Health: We cannot definitively say all of Colin's health problems were due to him being a hybrid, however, most, if not all expert and renowned hamster breeders do not recommend deliberately crossing the species due to the extensive list of health problems that frequently occur and are associated with hybrids.