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Hedgehog's Heart Issues

Hello again readers, We have briefly discussed Hedgehog's heart on Instagram , however I thought it justified an in-depth blog post. Hedgehog is my first ever roborovski dwarf hamster - so he's that little extra special. Hedgehog like many robos is a little difficult to handle, to say the least. He does however love running around in the playpen.  Throughout his life he has had around 5 respiratory infections that went away with antibiotics. One day Hedgehog sounded quite squeaky when he was breathing, so again we trialed him on a course of antibiotics. He had become slower over the past 4 weeks, but we put it down to getting older. The antibiotics didn't shift any of the squeaking when he breathed, so he went to the vets and he was trialed on another course of antibiotics along with some metacam. We believed it to be a very nasty respiratory infection at this point. Hedgehog once again did not respond to these strong medications. The next step would have been an X


Hello Readers, We wanted to give an in-depth post dedicated to losing Crumble a little while back. First of all, we saw Crumble passing by in his cage carrying something in his pouches and didn't think anything of it - we assumed he would have been carrying food back to his bed, or something along them lines. We then saw him again a few hours later with his pouches filled but looking the same as he did a few hours before. Andy and I decided to check him over, and sure enough he couldn't seem to shift whatever was in his pouch. We took Crumble in the vets and they decided to try and help him remove the items within his pouch without surgical intervention, but with very little luck. He would need to have surgery to empty his pouch. Crumble was booked in on the 24th of May (the next day) to have minor surgery to help resolve his impacted pouch. There was some risk, as with all surgery that Crumble may not respond well to anesthetic. He was an elder dwarf hamster so the ri

Cookie's Dental Issues

Hello readers, Cookie went to the vets recently after one of his front teeth became overgrown. This is the second time he's had to have this particular tooth trimmed so he is being kept under strict observation for now; as rodents teeth grow very quickly. He was very brave at the vets, but he is much happier at home, especially now his teeth are the perfect length again. Hopefully it doesn't happen again!  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more updates.


Due to health complications that you are all aware of, I haven't taken in near as many animals this year. In fact I can count them on one hand. We received a message from a dear friend asking us to help them due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. We were asked to take in Ronnie, their elderly guinea pig. I spoke to my family about it and we all agreed to pull together in order to help a friend and Ronnie. When Ronnie arrived to our home at the end of February, the whole family were taken back. We fell head over heels for him, he was such a loving and beautiful guinea Pig. My Mum loved preparing him his meals and watching him fill with joy whilst eating his food, and Andy used to love brushing his fur whilst having him on his lap singing away.  He was a real treasure to have. Sadly, during the middle of May, Ronnie became ill and had become very constipated. We took him to the vets on the very same day and he came home with some medication and critical care.


Hello to our dear followers, I would personally like to apologize for not being very active on our blog for a while. If you follow us on our Instagram I'm sure you've been updated on all our residents, I promise to get round to posting detailed stories about any of the major events that have happened since I last updated our blog, as I am sure you will all be interested in reading about our stories. I will also be updating our blog about any events that happen in the future. I would like to fill you in as to why I haven't updated anything on our blog; I did recently attend a pain management program - as I have briefly mentioned on our Instagram page, I do suffer with wide-spread chronic pain along with health conditions. It has been a very challenging experience and it did take up a great deal of my time. I have always said that the animals, myself and my family must always come before social media.  My family were able help with our residents whilst I