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Blake and Barry

Blake and Barry were two sanctuary mice who we rescued with the intention to expand our experience with domestic house mice: we wanted to compare if male house mice do better when castrated and cohabiting with their  own kind, or if they do equally as well cohabiting with multimammates.  Barry was castrated, and Blake went on to live with multimammates. Ultimately, we've found that it really does depend on the individual how well they cohabit with multimammates. We also concluded that male house mice do very well when castrated, and the surgery (in our experience) is generally without complications. For the "everyday" house mouse owner, we would always recommend castration and cohabiting male house mice with their own kind. Blake's Inoperable Tumour: Other than a tiny abscess, Blake lived a long and happy life without any serious health issues. Unfortunately, in his senior months he developed an inoperable tumour that was likely malignant.  The tumour became large and