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Molly - Full Write-Up

Hello again, readers We had noticed that our blog was consisting of mostly medical themes recently. Though we seem to be at the vets more often than we would obviously like, we do 90% of our work at home. Day to day we care for our animals - our work is never finished - there is always something that can be done. With that in mind, we thought we would do a write up about one of our previous resident Hybrid Dwarf Hamsters - Molly. Molly was taken in as a pregnant dwarf hamster by Hamster Haven (rescue) many years ago. She had successfully birthed a healthy litter of pups and did a wonderful job raising them. We decided to adopt her along with her son, Tuc. All of her pups were snapped up, but Molly herself had no interest. We'd just about started dipping our toe in independent rescuing at this point, but we also still adopted animals as pets too. When Molly arrived home, we quickly fell in love with her character. She was extremely energetic and social - you couldn't walk

Percy's Dental Disease

Hello again, readers, Today's post will be about briefly discussing the notes from Percy's X-Ray radiograph to help monitor his case of dental disease. The radiograph itself was taken a few weeks back now, but nonetheless it is still relevant for Percy's current treatment plan.  We aren't vets (not even remotely close) but we will try our best to relay the message on to our followers who care so deeply about our residents. We will also enclose a useful link at the end of this post for more information on the subject. We've previously written a couple of posts ( 1 ) ( 2 ) on Percy's condition. It is rather unusual how only the males within Percy's family seem to have all suffered with some sort of dental abnormality - it suggests it's possibly something hereditary, although, on the other hand, correlation doesn't always mean causation. Sadly, we lost Neville (Percy's brother) some time ago after he developed severe rapidly worsening root elo

Ronald Has Heart Failure

Hello again, readers, In Today's post we will be discussing Ronald's semi-recent diagnosis of heart failure and how we noticed Ronald's symptoms. We will briefly mention about the medications we are using and scrape the surface as to why they can help with some of the symptoms of heart failure.  As always, we will break the post down into clearly labelled sections so you can pick and choose the bits you'd prefer to read. Although we will be discussing medical topics (in basic terms) this information should not be substituted instead of medical advice from a qualified veterinarian if your pet is ill. How the diagnosis came about: To set the scene, we'd very recently lost a gerbil - Bradley - making Brandon friendless. We knew Brandon would be very lonely without his life-long cage mate and sibling by his side. We thought we had the perfect fix for Brandon - Ronald. Ronald is a 3-4 year old gerbil with a significant disability; he's missing a limb. F

Triple Mammary Tumour Removal (Leia, Nella and Xander)

Hello again, readers, We wanted to follow on from our previous post introducing the 8 new resident doe rats. Within that post we briefly mentioned about Nella and Xander having mammary tumours which needed to be removed. Conveniently , around about the same time Leia had developed yet another tumour. We had our concerns if it would've been within the her best interest to keep surgically removing tumours - she had only just recovered from her last surgery when this tumour sprung up. We decided that it could've just been the worlds worst case of bad luck (it is Leia after all) and we went ahead and booked her in for surgery too. Should the tumours have continued to return, we would reassess the situation with our vet (please note that Leia is already on specialist preventative medication and is also spayed). So, the three does were having the same surgery on the same day. This post will contain graphic content which some readers may find distressing. We will enclose lab