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Rescuing 18 Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

Every now and then you're asked to assist in a rescue that you simply cannot do on your own. We're forever thankful to have a team of reliable rescues who all work together. The animal rescue community may have a few bad eggs, but there are so many phenomenal people who will do anything for these animals. They put their lives to one side in order to save the life of an animal - or plural in this case. The owner contacted us due to being sold a mixed sexed pair of Roborovskis which resulted in - you guessed it - babies. On the day the hamsters were meant to arrive, one of the females actually gave birth. On this occasion, we agreed to let the hamster who gave birth and her pups come at a later date. So, phase 1 of the rescue was assisted with the help of Love Paws Animal Rescue and Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue . 11 Roborovskis arrived initially; we agreed to take a trio that were housed together and were actually going to be adopted by one of our trustees, Sarah. The other 2 r

Penny's Broken Leg

We were contacted by our trustee, Sarah, regarding a rabbit that had been surrendered to a nurse at her veterinary practice. The original owner had surrendered her as they were unwilling to pay for the treatment their rabbit needed for a dislocated carpus and broken radius. We agreed to help rehabilitate Penny so she could go on to find a forever home - she was only 5 months old. Penny had already had some treatment for her broken leg including radiographs and a Robert Jones bandage; this is used for orthopedic support. The following xrays are of the injury before treatment: With the help of first aid, painkillers, and lots of rest, Penny's break had become stable and she was able to have a bit more freedom, but it was very important she didn't overdo it. The following xrays are of the injury 3.5 weeks later: Penny arrived into foster care still with somewhat restricted free roam. Despite having gone through a pretty horrendous injury and being rehomed, Penny was extremely brig