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R.I.P Steve

Hey guys, Can you believe it's already nearly the end of  January? It's been a very emotional month here for us. Sadly, after Raspberry's recent passing we also lost our beloved Steve. Steve was a very last minute rescue as it came to our attention the family who owned him no longer wanted him - they didn't even feed him! He also hadn't been handled for a few months as the owner thought he was "disgusting". Steve was very thin and very shy for a while - then one day he completely changed! He became one of my heart hamsters very quickly. I felt so sorry that this outstanding personality had gone unnoticed. They had no idea what an incredible hamster they had. Steve's passing was very sudden. One day Steve stopped taking treats and within 2 days we found him in his forever sleep. We were given a very small chance of him getting better on some medication. Though sadly it did not work. We will miss seeing Steve's cheeky grin and perky ears n

R.I.P Raspberry

Hello Readers, Today's blog is sadly not good news - our beloved Raspberry passed away. Raspberry was such a treasure to have, she was so loving and appreciative.  Suprisingly, she was handed over to us for being aggressive. One of the owners was actually too scared to touch her. That was the whole reason we decided to step in. Raspberry was tame within 10 minutes of being in a suitable cage. We quickly picked up she was also blind, which may have been a factor of her being quite skittish in her previous home. Raspberry used to love meal worms and would NEVER fail to come out and say hello when she got her dinner. She would lick you endlessly! The cause of Raspberry's passing is still a mystery. Whatever it was - it was quick and extremely peaceful. She passed away with all of us around her. Good night Raspberry, you will truly and deeply be missed.

The Backyard Syrian Hamster Breeder.

Hey guys! So I also wanted to talk about the other Syrian hamster rescue that we assisted on - it was actually the same day as our huge gerbil rescue. Again, the exact same thing happened! We were meant to be the middle person in the rescue and sadly 1 hamster turned to 3 and then when it was found out that the hamsters were aggressive, they were no longer able to help. Firstly, I'd like to disclose that we do not support backyard breeders. Please under no circumstance attempt to breed any animals if you not fully knowledgeable and able to handle the work and the possibility on if no babies are sold then YOU are responsible. It is not an excuse to abuse and neglect animals because you were not able to fund the animals for life.  Breeding is not a way to easily make money like this individual sadly assumed. We were alerted on 1 female hamster being kept in an unsuitable filthy cage with moldy water and unsuitable food. I went through my contacts and I found someone able

R.I.P Rodney

Rodney was a sweet and loving gerbil who had been with us just two months when he sadly passed away. Rodney was going to be 2 in January, so he was still quite young. Sometimes that's just life though, which is sad. Rodney would constantly sit on his little shelves around his hand made cage that had been donated to us, he would sit all day and long and until you gave him treats if he had to. He was a big gerbil with an even bigger personality that will be missed deeply here at our sanctuary. We miss you so much, Rodders. Sweet dreams Angel.

We Had Babies!

Yup! From the title you probably guessed what I'm writing about today. I'd like to start off by apologizing for my absence. It is no secret that the reason I began helping animals is due to my illness. I've become very sick this winter so whatever energy I do have is being spent on my animals - so I've slipped on my social media a little. It is only short term, though! I am starting lots of new things this new year to hopefully make things a little better! I'd like to thank my Mum and Partner for stepping in too and providing 5 star care for our furries! With that being said, I'll start talking about the gerbils now. We were asked to assist on a rescue of around 10 gerbils, we were going to be the middle man until the forever homes were ready - that didn't happen and plans fell through. The rescue quickly turned into many more gerbils. A backyard breeder had began breeding a pair of gerbils, and then sadly he didn't know what he was doing an