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Dosha's UTI

Dosha arrived as part of a rescue case to take in some degus from a hoarder who'd become overwhelmed with the number of degus within their care. Sadly, those degus were also inbreeding. They'd been predisposed to disease and neglect. We've written a previous blog-post about them. You can follow us on social media:  Facebook ,  Instagram , and  Twitter To learn more about us, visit  our website You can donate to us via our  Paypal ,  Amazon Wishlist ,  Patreon ,  GoFundMe  and  Hay Experts Wishlist For any other enquiries, please email Falling out with Dosha: Dosha had become unwell, and the group wanted her out! One of her herd-members inflicted a fairly significant facial wound. As she was being bullied, we strongly suspected that she'd become unwell - prey animals naturally hide signs of illness. There were no outward signs of illness, so we decided to run some urinalysis: Glucose: -tive Bilirubin: +tive Keto