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Spencer and Stirling

We agreed to adopt Spencer and Stirling when Clement Rabbit Rescue originally announced their closure once their circumstances had changed. Spencer and Stirling were two giant rabbits and would be staying as permanent residents. Despite being permanent residents, the pair have had their issues! They both had/have a long and complex medical history. Spencer: Shortly after arriving, we noticed Spencer had lost a considerable amount of weight.  At Clement Rabbit Rescue, Spencer weighed around 5.6kg. When we weighed him shortly after arriving, he was 4.5kg - a substantial weight loss. We decided it was necessary to take Spencer to the vet for an in-depth veterinary assessment. Surprisingly, there were no issues with his teeth upon intraoral examination. The vet did note, however, that Spencer was hypersalivating, had impacted food, and was more sensitive on one side. Based on the findings, we were all in agreement that X-Rays should be taken. There was an issue picked up on the DV  X-Ray.

Rescuing a Family of Chinchillas

On the 8th of February, we took on 4 chinchillas. To make this post easier to follow, we will discuss each chinchilla in their own section. Abraham: Abraham was a 4-year-old male chinchilla. He was the Father to Amos. He was in good health when he arrived apart from having sore feet. Abraham was taken to the vet so he could have a look at his feet. The soles of his feet required topical Flamazine for at least 2 weeks. Once his son, Amos, was old enough to leave his Mum, Amos was bonded to Abraham. The pair were inseparable from the get-go. Once we were confident they were a stable bond, Amos and Abraham were fostered by a potential adopter for a month. We're pleased to say that Abraham and Amos were adopted together! Amos: Amos was only one week old when he arrived. He was living with his Mum, Nemesis, and his sister, Justice.  Whilst he was growing, Amos was feeding on his Mum and was given Alfafa hay and chinchilla pellets. He was kept in a single level cage much smaller than the

Bumble: Foot Amputation and Cystic Tumour Removal

Arrival: We were contacted regarding two male rats - one having a limp that didn't hold him back. With us having space to help out their owner, we agreed to take in their rats on the 2nd of May 2020. They were named Bumble and Bee. Pretty quickly, it became clear that Bumble had more than a limp. Bumble required urgent medical attention. Our vet wanted to take some X-Rays so he could get a clearer picture as to what was going on.   Medical Treatment: Bumble had clear congenital deformities, and there was bone pathology where the tumour was located. It was agreed that we amputated Bumble's deformed hind-leg to the stifle joint. Whilst under anaesthesia, the vet would also remove the cystic neoplasm on Bumble's flank. Bumble handled his recovery in his stride. In fact, within minutes of being home, he was exploring his cage from top to bottom. Full Recovery: Bumble is now a sanctuary resident who lives with our permanent resident bucks - he has even been sponsored!  As for Be