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Brent - Full Write-Up

Arrival: Brent arrived in our care after his cage mate tragically passed away, leaving Brent on his own. Brent was still fairly young, his owners thought it would be best for him to go on and find some new friends to prevent him from being lonely, secondary to social isolation. When Brent arrived, he was showing signs of depression and was very withdrawn.  Once we were confident he was healthy, we bonded him to our mischief of bucks. You can follow us on social media: Facebook , Instagram , an Twitter For more information, check out our website You can donate to us via our Hay Experts Wishlist , Amazon Wishlist , and Paypal For any other enquiries, email: First Stroke: Brent had a sudden onset of neurological abnormalities. His symptoms were suggestive of an ischaemic stroke (poss embolic) - we couldn't confirm this without advanced imaging and a neurologist's input. As treatment likely wouldn't have changed regardless of a

Donkey - Capturing a Stray Degu

We were initially alerted about a stray chinchilla, which then turned into a stray gerbil. There had been numerous sightings throughout a housing estate in Congleton. A local then spotted the animal in their garden and managed to grab them, the rodent managed to administer a strong bite and escaped. The locals identified the animal as a degu. We spent a few nights in torrential rain searching for the degu but to no avail. We decided the best way forward would be to humanely trap the degu(s) and bring them to safety. After briefly interviewing the locals, we managed to pinpoint the most common sites the degu(s) had been seen. We set the traps in common locations. Within a few days, Donkey was captured. We kept the traps set for an additional week in case the sightings had been of more than one animal. Once Donkey had been removed from the wild, there had been no further sightings and the traps remained clear. It's highly unlikely there was more than 1 degu. You can follow

Enoch, Egbert, Einstein, and Edward

Today's post will be about 4 rats who came into our care on the 26th of June 2019. They've had various final outcomes!  The rats arrived as their previous owner could no longer care for them. Sadly, the rats weren't kept in suitable conditions - we don't think it was malicious mistreatment. The rats were kept within close proximity of smokers. As rats have sensitive respiratory systems, it caused significant irritation with some of the rats.  Once they arrived in our care, they were quarantined and monitored for potentially undetected health issues. We will separate the post into sections regarding an individual rat. You can follow us on social media: Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter You can donate to us via our Paypal , Amazon Wishlist , and Hay Experts Wishlist For more information, visit our website For other enquiries, please email: Enoch: Enoch arrived as a 2-year-old buck. Fortunately, he had, and still hasn't h