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Draco and Damian

Today's post is going to be us introducing two of our permanent resident degus - Draco and Damian. They arrived on the 10th of October 2018. Regrettably, due to other commitments, we've only now gotten round to writing them their own blog post. Draco and Damian arrived into our care after a long distance friend could no longer keep their elderly degus due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite their efforts to try and keep them, it sadly wasn't possible. We agreed to provide them sanctuary here with us. We were warned in advance about ongoing eye issues. Damian had a cataract and Draco had recently developed a discharge from one of his eyes. The vet had advised their previous owner to bathe the eye with salt water. Sadly, the salt baths didn't appear to be very helpful. Meet the Degus: Damian: Damian is a standard male degu who is approximately 6-7 years old. As we've previously highlighted, Damian arrived with a cataract in one of his eyes. The cataract clo


As our previous post could be considered quite heavy, we've decided to base today's post on something more lighthearted. Meet Lukrecia!  Lukrecia was being given away as a male Roborovski dwarf hamster. We snapped 'him' up as we knew a dear friend had been enquiring about robos for a very long time.  Our dear friend is a talented veterinarian who's trained to work with some exotic animals, small animals, and farm animals for a long time. They fell head over heels with one of our previous resident robos/one of her favourite patients - Hedwig. After witnessing how well she cared for Hedwig, we knew she would make the perfect robo-owner. Lukrecia turned out to be a female Roborovski who'd been incorrectly sexed. Her exact age is unknown, but she was under 6 months old when she arrived. She was a typical robo; quick to handle, but full of character. Our beloved friend has since adopted Lukrecia. We cannot tell you how loved and cared for she is. Thr

The Large Syrian Hamster Intake

Today's post is about the Syrian hamster rescue that took place on the 13th December 2018. 4 cohabiting Syrian hamsters were being given away. The hamsters were clearly too old for it to still be considered safe for them to be sharing accommodation - Syrian hamsters are strictly solitary .  Some of the information contained within this post may be distressing to some readers; we've ensured the post is separated into labeled sections with clear warnings wherever appropriate. For inquiries about adoption, please email us or contact us via our social media pages ! Details and links will be enclosed at the end of the post. The Rescue: Contains distressing content! Upon our arrival, the hamsters were already screaming and fighting. There was a lot of blood and severe injuries already visible. Sadly, there was also a fatality; one of the Syrians had been brutally killed by his cage mates within the time it took for us to arrive - we were able to take his body home for a

Nova - Full Write Up

Hello again, readers, Today, we wanted to talk about a previous resident rat - Nova. Due to tragic circumstances, Nova wasn't in our care very long. Despite that, she made a huge impact on our lives and taught us a lot within that short space of time. This post will contain graphic content. All information stated is only applicable to OUR animals. If your pet is ill then we recommend consulting with your own qualified medical professional to give you appropriate and safe advice for YOUR animal. Nova's Arrival: Nova arrived alongside her cage mate, Nima. The pair were being given away for free within 2 minutes from our home. We decided to offer them sanctuary here with us as the young does were extremely nervous and difficult to handle - Nima still is. At the time of their arrival, they were approximately 3-6 months old. Nova was a timid rat. In contrast to her introverted personality, her striking beauty always captured the attention of admirers. She did, however, hav