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Hagrid, Neville, and Percy Have Dental Disease

Hello again, readers, This post is has to be one of our more upsetting updates, I'll start from the beginning; We mentioned a while ago about Neville and Percy's development of overgrown incisors - Neville began suffering first. They both lost an awful lot of weight and started having dental appointments at the vet every month. We had hoped their condition would've stayed at that. We have had a few cases of overgrown incisors during our time which never progressed any further throughout the animals life. A couple of weeks ago, Neville and Percy's dental appointments/incisor trims changed from being a monthly occurrence, to a biweekly (two weeks) occurrence. Around about that time, Hagrid began suffering with overgrown incisors too, suggesting the gerbils had a hereditary strain. *Neville lost an incisor* Tragically, Neville's condition continued to progress at a rapid rate. After Neville's appointment to trim his incisors, within 10 days we had


Hello again, readers, Today we wanted to do a short but sweet post about a new resident rat -  Rowan. We noticed Rowan's advert on Rat Rescue Network UK as his owner was asking for a very specific home - we happened to fit all the requirements. We decided to respond to the advert; Rowan's owner was happy for him to go to us. Rowan is a lovely 18 month old Marton RED neutered buck. He is prone to swaying, but it doesn't impact his day to day life. He also has a previous medical history consisting of inner-ear infections  - managed with antibiotics. He mainly came to us as we currently have entire bucks the same age as Rowan, who were very happy to accept him into their mischief. Rowan is now happily bonded to our group of bucks. You can keep up with Rowan on our Instagram .

Alfie and Arthur

Hello again, readers, We wanted to introduce two of our newest residents - Alfie and Arthur. Alfie and Arthur came to us as their previous owner had developed quite a fear to them once they were getting bigger. We put them at approximately 6-8 months old. Both boys were infested with mites, and have since had a medicated bath and a treatment of Ivermectin (Xeno-50). The boys are otherwise completely healthy, and it's clear they've were very loved. They're settling in beautifully and have now successfully bonded to our mischief of bucks. You can keep up with Alfie and Arthur on our Instagram .  

R.I.P Hugh - Antifreeze Poisoning

Hello again readers, This is a sad post about a tragic event we've wanted to talk about for a while but could never quite find the words. Shockingly, we lost our beloved cat Hugh to antifreeze poisoning.  Hugh was a gentle cat who didn't have a bad bone in his body. He never ventured much further than the drive, so we are confident that it was a very local incident. Even more disturbingly, there is numerous outdoor cats on our quiet estate - it could've easily happened to any of them too. We saw Hugh before we went to bed and he was acting a little usual, but he was always an odd cat anyway - if only we had known what had happened to him. In the morning, I woke up to Hugh in an almost paralyzed state and convulsing on my bedroom floor. His muscles were twitching, his jaw was clenched shut, he was freezing and also extremely dehydrated.  I wrapped him in my blanket and ran to get my syringes. I forced some fluids down - but it wasn't helping. Hugh was dying painful