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Hello again, readers, Today we wanted to discuss Mabli; a temporary resident hybrid dwarf hamster. She briefly came into our care so we could help free up space at another local rescue - Hamster Haven - before she moved onto her forever home with some of our closest friends. Mabli - originally called 'Daisy' -  was rescued by the fabulous Hamster Haven from a horrible neglectful situation. Mabli had been bred by her original owners. Once she had her babies, when the time came for her offspring to be separated from her, their owner claimed they didn't have, nor could they afford the extra space. Instead, they kept her in a hamster ball that was then kept inside a bucket until she was later rescued. ' Bumblebarbarahodge ' on Instagram saw her story and became completely besotted with her. She then decided to apply for adoption, she knew she could offer Mabli the forever home that she deserved. Once she passed the adoption process, we offered Mabli temporary acco

Billy, Louie, Pickle, and Winnifred

Hello again, readers, We wanted to write a post about a semi-recent intake of 4 beautiful rats - Billy, Louie, Pickle, and Winnifred. This post will contain a fair bit of information and some slightly graphic images . We will ensure this post is divided into clearly labeled sections. We responded to a request in 'Rat Rescue Network UK': an owner was in need of an experienced home for her aggressive bucks. We've dealt with multiple 'aggressive' rats in our time. As we were local and seemed to be exactly what the owner was looking for, we decided to respond. Whilst conversing with their owner, they also mentioned about an accidental litter they'd previously had. They also had two young does in need of a home. We decided to take all four rats. Pickle and Winnifred: Pickle and Winnifred were estimated to be approximately 3-4 months old. They both appeared to be entirely healthy, but as their owner mentioned previous accidental litters, we decided it was appro

Darious' Tooth Extraction

Hello again, readers, Today we wanted to follow on from a previous post where we discussed opting for Darious to have his misaligned molar tooth extracted. To recap; Darious had a misaligned molar tooth which required monthly dental work. His dentals involved the offending molar tooth being filed down to prevent any spurs from causing damage to his mouth. Radiographs clearly show his offending tooth: Singular misaligned molar tooth growing lingually (towards the tongue). It seemed a shame that Darious appeared to have only one tooth spoiling the show. Without the tooth, his dental health would've been practically perfect - provided the wearing of the tooth above wouldn't have been affected without the molar being present. With that in mind, our vet and the exotic specialists recommended extraction: this could be performed the same way as extracting a human tooth. Alternatively, the tooth could be pushed into the mouth from under the jaw but with the added risk of j

Arkid and Darkspark

Hello again, readers, Today we wanted to quickly introduce two hybrid dwarf hamsters (Winter White/ Campbell Russian hybrid) - Arkid and Darkspark. They were being given away as an unwanted cohabiting pair. We decided to intervene as it is possible for duos to fight. If dwarf hamsters begin fighting, it is often necessary to separate them. When we collected them, they started fighting within the time it took to get from their previous owner's front door to inside of our car. Thankfully, we came prepared; we packed an additional pet carrier and separated them instantly. Once we arrived home, Arkid appeared to have come off the worst. He had numerous bite wounds to his back end - none needed medical attention. Darkspark was thankfully entirely healthy. The pair were unsocialized, so we had to work on their confidence.  Currently, as things stand, both hamsters have mellowed considerably. They will both bite when grabbed, so they get picked up via a toy (i.e tube, house) and t