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Madison and Madeliene

Madison and Madeliene were surrendered to us as their owner was struggling to handle them due to Madeliene being jumpy. After arriving they spent several months in rescue waiting for the perfect home. Finally, the perfect adopter came forward for the girls. They're now living very happily in their new home.

Messiah's Passing, and Jacob: Keeping A Lone Rat

Those of you who followed us at the time will understand why we've decided to discuss Jacob and Messiah in a single post. We will start at the beginning. This post will contain graphic descriptions and images of injuries from traumatic events. Jacob's Castration: Jacob was castrated at 5 months old because he was inflicting very severe injuries on other rats. The worst of which was inflicted upon Oscar, who was a rescue rat at the time. Oscar recovered quickly enough with oral antibiotics and non-steroidals, but we knew Jacob's behaviour had gotten out of hand. Jacob recovered swiftly from his castration, and his behaviour improved substantially. He was introduced to the resident bucks once again. Bonding Jacob to Does: Over time, Jacob's behaviour seemed to worsen whilst he was living with the males. He started inflicting more injuries and the severity of such injuries was worsening. We decided he would be better living amongst does and neutered bucks. For a while, thi