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Hello readers, We'd like to introduce a new resident, Alisaie. Alisaie is approximately 4-5 months old. She's only a young girl, and  has already had three homes!  Alisaie was brought to us as an unwanted child's pet, originally as a male too! After letting Alisaie settle in to her new surroundings, we gave her a quick all round health check, and discovered she was a female. She also had overgrown teeth, so we took Alisaie to the vets, and they were able to trim them back for her. We aren't sure if Alisaie will need her teeth trimmed regularly as of yet, but she is being closely monitored. She is having another check up at the vets in the new year. Otherwise, Alisaie seems to be in great health.  When Alisaie initially arrived, she was a very nervous hamster. She hadn't been handled at all after she previously bit a family member. However, after being in our care for a few weeks now,  Alisaie has become a lot more confident and really enjoys socialising. Al

Mad-Eye's Enucleation Surgery

Hello Again, We've decided to talk about Mad-Eye's eye removal today. We noticed it caught a lot of people's attention on our Instagram . We will start at the very beginning; One afternoon we discovered Mad-Eye's red eye was severely bulging, it looked awful. We aren't entirely sure what happened, but if we were to have a guess, we think Mad-Eye must have been climbing on top of one of his large houses. He must have slipped and banged his head, or something along those lines.  One thing we know for sure, Mad-Eye was clearly in a lot of pain.  We gave Mad-Eye some painkillers, and booked him in to see the vet. When we got there, the vet saw straight away what the problem was. Mad-Eye had severe glaucoma and hemorrhaging caused by a trauma of some sort, and it was very painful. He also had no vision in the affected eye. We could have kept Mad-Eye on painkillers for the rest of his life, but it didn't really seem like the best option. The vet recommended a

Leia's Surgery

Hello again readers, We would like to give you all a heads up, there will be some graphic images. One day we noticed Leia had developed a lump, she also became quite unwell. We took Leia to the vets, they said they were happy to remove the lump, however Leia had a respiratory infection that needed to be dealt with first. After a week of being on antibiotics, Leia's respiratory infection cleared up. She was taken back to the vets for a check up and re-examination. The vets gave us the go ahead, and we booked Leia in for surgery right away. The surgery was successful, but whilst Leia was under anesthetic, the vets discovered two more lumps, which were also removed. The final thing, they found another small mass that was unable to be removed due to how it was attached, and it was likely to be the start of something sinister.  As you can see, the 'main' mass that was removed was pretty sizable.  Leia's openings were glued, as there was a major risk that she wou


Hello again, We hope everyone is keeping safe in this cold, snowy weather! We have been using extra heating and heat pads to make sure our small furries are kept safe and warm. Anyway, on to today's topic. We took in two rats, Derrick and Dennis a while ago now. We would like to discuss Dennis in a separate blog post (you'll understand why), so we will focus on Derrick for now. When we took Derrick on, he was only around 5-6 months old. He was unbelievably shy, as his cage mate Dennis had been bullying him, and they had never been separated. Derrick had a few cuts on his body, and a small tear on one of his ears. We aren't sure how long the bullying had been going on for, but it was clear t he constant bullying had severe consequences. Derrick was left completely petrified of other rats, and people for a long time.  Sadly, since being in our care, Derrick has lived alone. It has been a massive undertaking to try and find him a friend. We tried every single introduc

Neville and Percy's teeth

Hello again readers, Just a quick update about Neville and Percy today: Firstly, when we were getting the three boys out for a photo session, we noticed Neville was a lot slimmer than normal. At first I thought he could potentially have been getting bullied, but after a quick check for any cuts, we couldn't find anything. Then it came to me all of a sudden to check Neville's teeth, and sure enough, they were over grown. We booked Neville in to have his teeth trimmed, and they explained it could just be a one time thing, but sometimes they will continuously need their teeth trimmed. We had already had the same thing with our resident Chinese hamster, Cookie.  After a few weeks had gone by, we checked Neville's teeth again and they had grown long again. Since then, every four weeks Neville has been having his teeth trimmed. He has handled it well and is very good at having his dentals. Now, lets talk about Percy.  The exact same thing happened, I noticed Percy had los

Greg's Medicine

Hello readers, Sorry for not posting in a while, we have had a lot on as a family recently.  We would like to update you on Greg. I wrote in a previous post about Greg being on steroids to help with his breathing difficulties.  We went back to the vets to give Greg his injection, and sadly he didn't respond to them. His breathing stayed the same and he became very raspy again.  Both us and the vets were baffled, he seemed to be doing really well on them before.  I mentioned about Greg's brother, Bolo. Before Bolo passed away, he struggled with his heart and his breathing difficulties were a symptom because of it. We thought it would be worth trying some medicine to rule anything out. It was a possibility he could have developed something. Greg went home and tried the Frusemide for about 5-7 days, we would have known very quickly if the medication was helping. Sadly, there was still no improvement. When we went back to the vets, they suggested trying a stronger dos