Homer (The Stray Ferret)

An albino hob was handed into Wright and Mortem vets after being found as a stray by police in Congleton. Wright and Mortem vets agreed to sign Homer over to us so we could appeal for his owner.

Upon his arrival, we could see Homer had a parasitic infection. He was treated with topical antiparasitic agents which really improved his skin condition.

Appealing for Owner:

We appealed for 7 days to find Homer's owner before he became owned by the charity.
Sadly, Homer's owner was never found and nobody claimed him. So, we decided to go on a quest to find an adopter. We actually didn't have to look very far, as our trustee, Jodie, fell in love with him and decided to adopt Homer.

Homer's New Life:

Homer now lives his best life in a custom-built ferret enclosure.
Unfortunately, Homer did develop signs of adrenal disease. He's since had a Suprelorin implant which seems to be helping Homer a lot. He also had a vaccine against Distemper.
Homer also has a girlfriend now called Heidi!
We're glad Homer and Heidi have a happy ending.