Leia's Surgery (Again)

Hello again, readers,

It feels as though it may just be easier to simply 'copy' and 'paste' each and every previous blog post to do with Leia having mammary tumours removed. Despite having 4 surgeries within the last 12 months, Leia had to go ahead and tackle surgery number 5. Mammary tumours appear to be all too common with does, but Leia had already been spayed and was taking specialist preventative medication for these tumours - but they still came back - 3 of them. So, we will talk you through everything that Leia went through, once again;


To set the scene, Leia had just come back from the vet after having some medication changes for her  CRD and had also just been given a recent diagnosis of suspected osteoarthritis and/or sciatica type pain - we've already done some posts (1) (2) on these topics. We thought we were finally getting on top of managing Leia's health, she's been through so much throughout her little life.
We came to give her some of her evening medications, and then we felt it: a mammary tumour about the size of a pea near Leia's armpit area. Each time this surgery is performed, Leia seems to be more and more high risk. However, with that being said, what other choice did she have? The tumour could've grown and very easily immobilized her - especially given her recent arthritis/sciatica diagnosis. We contacted the vet, and Leia was booked for a pre-op to remove the tumours within a matter of days. We just knew she was strong enough to fight.

The day came and I didn't eat all day - I was sick with nerves awaiting to hear how Leia had got on. When the vet phoned, the news wasn't great. We were told she actually had three mammary tumours - one under each armpit and one in her groin area. We decided it would've been sensible to have all the tumours removed under the one anesthetic - the vet also agreed.

Leia made it through surgery! We were so pleased when we heard the news. Just like before, she had to wear a cone - especially because she is such a nightmare for chewing herself open. Obviously, there are risks surrounding wearing a cone; strangling, injury etc. but with Leia, there really is no other way. Because of this, Leia had to go into a specific solitude hospital accommodation with carefully selected toys in order to reduce the risk of injury and infection.
If you've read some of the more recent posts about Leia, you'll already know that she was already on the necessary post-op medication - Baytril/Enrofloxacin (antibiotic) and Metacam/Meloxicam (NSAIDS) for her various chronic health complications. She also had a post-op check booked with the vet to see how she was healing.
Leia actually healed really well (miraculously) and surprisingly fast - considering it's Leia, anyway. She had absolutely no complications throughout the healing process.
We are delighted to say that Leia has made a full recovery and will be reunited with her mischief.
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